Beyond the cutting and crushing: What you need to know about Crystalline Silica exposure

Particles of airborne Crystalline Silica pose a serious risk to workers

Are your construction or renovation site employees protected from potential exposure to different respiratory hazards?

From using large tools and machinery to working at heights and with hazardous materials, employers are well-versed in helping provide the right protection against many different dangers.

Fumes, smoke, and dust particles, specifically the danger of exposure to crystalline silica, can damage the respiratory system and could lead to many chronic diseases.

Join this free webinar to hear from safety experts at 3M as they give an overview of:

  1. Expert solutions to educate employees and help avoid potential respiratory hazards
  2. Respiratory protection products that help promote a healthy and safe working environment
  3. Strategies to help increase employee comfort and compliance when it comes to wearing personal protective equipment