New ShockerEDGE gas monitoring device

System from Headwind Solutions detects all flammable gases

New ShockerEDGE gas monitoring device

ShockerEDGE is a new technology in continuous gas monitoring for use with all internal combustion engines.

The system has a digital gas sensor mounted in the engine’s air intake system to detect all flammable gases. The sensor reads the chemical composition of the air, then transmits the data to a controller, then to a display. The digital sensor is self-calibrating, requires no bump gas, docking station, instrument tech’s recalibration, will not poison, and is self-diagnostic.

Jobsites should always be 0.0% LEL. ShockerEDGE will issue a visual & audible alarm at 1.0-5.0 %, then intensify the alarm and turn the engine off at 6.0-10.0 % (programmable at time of purchase), before a runaway or backfire condition can occur or be used as a continuous gas monitor only. This will eliminate potential ignition sources from gasoline and diesel engines.

The display features real time accurate LEL and gas identification, as well as ambient atmospheric conditions and data logging capabilities.

A test mode function and port are built in to provide access to accurate system verification.

Designed & manufactured by Headwind Solutions of Camrose, Alberta, Canada long time manufacturer of ShockerPASS Positive Air Shutoff Systems.