Manitoba hog barn fined $20,000

Worker sustained extensive burns to face, neck and torso

Manitoba hog barn fined $20,000

On March 13, 2017, a worker from Border View Pork in Killarney, Man. was preparing a room in a hog barn for an incoming shipment of pigs. 

When the worker turned on the lights, an explosion occurred and the worker sustained extensive burns to his face, neck and torso. The employer did not notify Workplace Safety and Health.  However, the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba alerted Workplace Safety and Health of the incident. 

Border View Pork pleaded guilty to failing to adequately control the risk that propane lines posed to the safety and health of its workers, and failing to notify Workplace Safety and Health of a serious incident. 

The employer was ordered to pay $14,000 in fines and penalties, and an additional $6,000 payable to Workplace Safety and Health Public Education Fund. By law, money placed into this fund must be used for educating the public on matters relating to occupational safety and health.

Source: Government of Manitoba