Rotating saw blade severely injures worker

Company fined $20K plus $6,500 for public safety education


Icon Technologies has been fined $20,150 plus an additional $6,500 payable to Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health to be used for the purpose of educating the public on matters relating to workplace safety and health.


On Feb. 11, 2016 a Winkler-based Icon Technologies worker was operating a table saw for the purpose of trimming excess plastic from a newly moulded plastic fender. While trimming the fender, the rotating blade made contact with the worker’s right hand resulting in lacerations to the worker’s index and ring fingers and the partial amputation of the worker’s middle finger.


On June 12, Icon Technologies pleaded guilty under Section 16.5(2) of the Workplace Safety and Health Regulations, M.R. 217/2006 to the charge of failing ensure safeguards on a horizontal saw were designed, constructed, installed, used and maintained in accordance with CSA Standard Z432-04, Safeguarding of Machinery.

Source: Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health