Enhancing P.E.I.’s workplace safety culture among WCB’s priorities

The Prince Edward Island Workers Compensation Board (WCB) has released its 2016-18 Strategic Plan.
The plan was built upon a foundation of research, consultation and partnership with stakeholders to better meet the safety and compensation needs of P.E.I. workplaces.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all workplaces are safe, workplace injuries are eliminated and each client experience is one of excellence,” said Stuart Affleck, WCB board of directors chair. “Guided by this plan, we will make safety a priority in all workplaces and reduce the impact of workplace injury through safe and timely return to work efforts.”

The strategic plan is based on the WCB’s renewed mission, vision and values, and focuses on six strategic themes:

•Enhancing P.E.I.’s workplace safety culture
•Improving return to work outcomes
•Ensuring financial sustainability
•Strengthening engagement and partnerships
•Providing continued service excellence
•Investing in the organization.

“Our strategic plan provides the direction for our priorities and maps the future course for our organization and the work we do on behalf of our stakeholders,” said Luanne Gallant, acting CEO for the WCB. “Our environment is always changing and we believe that our Strategic Plan must be proactive and informed, and provide a clear picture of emerging trends in the workplace.”