Many employees lack understanding of cardiovascular health risks: Report

A new study on workplace wellness has found many employees are lacking understanding and education around their cardiovascular health risks.
The report by Medisys Corporate Health found? cholesterol risk was underestimated by 258 per cent; hypertension risk by 58 per cent; and diabetes risk over 76 per cent.

Medisys distributed health risk questionnaires (HRQs) to 893 workers at a large national equipment company to obtain a current understanding of their self-reported cardiovascular health. Then, it compared those results with biometric screening for cardiovascular risk.

The report also found more education is required, both on client and company level. Medisys identified at least one previously undiagnosed cardiovascular risk factor in more than 44 per cent ?of the employee population.

Prevention and testing needs to start at an earlier age. Fifty-nine per cent of those newly diagnosed with high cholesterol, 58 per cent of those newly diagnosed with high blood pressure and 51 per cent of newly diagnosed with elevated glucose levels were under 45 years old.

“There are studies from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and many other sources, linking diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular risk factors to reduced productivity, increased presenteeism and increased absenteeism,” said Randy McCaig, director, strategy and business development at Medisys. “Our research shows that accurate benchmarking and more education is required on both an individual and corporate level because neither one understands their true risks.”