Revealed: Canada’s Safest Employers 2020 finalists

Final line-up showcases excellence amid a particularly challenging year

Second crane collapses in downtown Toronto

This incident follows reports of another crane collapse three weeks ago

WorkSafeNB updates injury report process

‘Our vision is quality and timely claim decisions and access to first wage replacement for workers’

Most Canadians still afraid to return to workplace: Report

But the majority trust their employers to keep them safe

Alberta requires wearing of masks in schools

Province completes distribution of 40 million masks

Most dangerous occupations in North America

Broadly, workplace fatalities have increased over the last few years

Ontario invests to manufacture PPE sanitizing device

‘We are also making sure we are ready with the necessary PPE and equipment’ for the future’

Federal government increases investment for farm workers

Groups recognize Canada’s efforts for foreign workers

WorkSafe Saskatchewan announced partnership with TV personality

‘The benefits to employers who invest in sustainable psychological health and safety management systems are considerable’


Infection prevention experts offer tailored solutions to face pandemic

‘The pandemic generates a new demand for fully customizable services adapted to evolving risks and challenges’

Open for business — and to risks

Employers are faced with safety, legal challenges as they move towards welcoming employees back to the workplace


Safety first for UVC sterilization

‘Even though UVC devices are efficient at inactivating viruses, anyone considering using them should also be aware of the serious health effects of using them without the appropriate safeguards in place’

Chemical hazard assessment for small business

Small to medium sized businesses can face many challenges when encountering serious OHS hazards

Values - Our essential pathfinders

‘The word value is used prolifically, yet few of us truly understand how helpful grasping values can be for our organizations, and indeed our daily lives’

“What if, despite taking all reasonable and practical measures in the circumstances of the particular workplace, to prevent an infection, you get that call – you have a COVID case!”

Upgrade your skills for success

Glyn Jones, partner at EHS Partnerships, explains how to upgrade your hard skills and your soft skills to further your career in the occupational health and safety field


My Safety Moment – Myrna Layton

This self-described "queen of chaos" has more than 23 years of experience in the industry

Man with a plan

WSIB CEO looks back on his tenure, talks about the organization's increasing focus on mental health and digital services


SIERA.AI T-10 and C-30 autonomous robots

Both robots can help improve manufacturing operations

Oral Science International COLD & FLU GUARD

Kills 99.94 per cent of enveloped viruses