Truck driver fatally injured in pylon crash

Driver was loading truck before fatal accident

3 Key takeaways from the Safety Leaders Summit

OHS experts from around Canada weigh in on how to improve safety leadership

Alberta expands Critical Worker Benefit program

Workers in social services, supply and movement of goods now eligible

Ontario helping police respond to mental health calls

Professional mental health worker, addictions crisis worker to be embedded into each of the OPP Provincial Communications Centres

7 signs of sleep deprivation at work

Lack of sleep can have a devastating effect on worker health – and on an organization’s bottom line

COVID-19 survivors continue to face many difficulties: Report

More than half experience cognitive disturbances, many have problems with executive function

Northwest Territories changes self-isolation requirements for non-essential service workers

Fully vaccinated visitors no longer required to self-isolate

Transport Canada seeking public input on Grade Crossings Regulations changes

Rail companies must comply with new requirements before Nov. 28


5 Generator safety tips for construction sites

How to keep your site and crew safe while using a generator on a construction site

Safety – an underinformed profession?

“I’m not saying that it’s all wrong, but that the hype has really taken over”

I went to a COVID-19 vaccine pop-up

And all I got was this not-so-lousy jab

If you find yourself planning for the new future, plan on becoming a mentor. Not only will it help others but it will have a positive impact on your career

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, just a little bit

Psychological safety is more and more regarded as an integral part of worker health and safety — rightly so — and there are a number of ways that companies, big and small, can push for better mental health care


My Safety Moment – Natalia Pashutina

Pashutina is a health and safety specialist, teacher and chairwoman of the CSSE B.C. Lower Mainland chapter

Health and safety for all

B.C. Minister of Labour Harry Bains weighs in on the challenges facing B.C. workers


Dorma 99 respirator

Designed for healthcare professionals

Industrial Scientific Radius BZ1 Area Monitor

Area monitoring designed for harsh environments