General Motors Canada suspends COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Arbitrator determined the policy is now unreasonable because of waning efficacy against the omicron variant

WorkSafeNB seeking input on Phase II of regulatory review

Proposed changes pertain to confined space, critical lifts, welding, among others

How to build a career in health and safety

See how Manitoba and Saskatchewan stack up when it comes to salaries and designations

Debunking the safety and sustainability myth

Can safety and sustainability come together and garner attention from businesses and regulators?

Tips to navigate the different classes of hi-vis apparel

CSA standard on high-visibility safety apparel organizes garments into three categories based on risk

Heat stress: How to keep outdoor workers safe from sun exposure

Use the hierarchy of controls to ensure workers are protected at every turn

Family of worker still has questions one month after his death

Wife found out through a cousin four hours after incident

WorkSafeNB to provide immediate treatment for workers with traumatic psychological injury

'The need for support to these workers is great in New Brunswick'

MPPs call for 'meaningful' action into string of workplace deaths

Three workers have died at the same steel car plant in the past two years


Freeze frame: focus on health and safety

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Making the business case for workplace health and safety

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Safety improvements – more is more?

'In a profession dedicated to preventing harm to people, we are often loath to explain the hard truths such as there is no zero risk'

Virtual therapy: Does it Actually Help?

Concerns often arise in relation to the effective of virtual therapy vs. in-person

Measuring failure, and failing

And how the measure speaks to the lack of business acumen in OHS

The Bill, which amends the Occupational Health and Safety Act, recently received Royal Assent – so what now?

Taking care of mental health is just as important as taking care of physical health


'The stigma of a safety cop is a challenge'

I'm fortunate to work at a company that puts people first, says oil and gas safety manager

Why caring about people is key to OHS profession

Energy safety expert weighs in on why health and safety is not just about focusing on what went wrong


Reebok Harman Work sneakers

Model updated to be fitted for the workplace

KEEN Utility CSA Women’s San Jose work boot

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