ACLU filing class action lawsuit in Minnesota

This follows reports of abuse and police brutality towards journalists at recent protests

Union wants federal government to extend pandemic pay to all front-line health workers

‘Why isn't it being offered to all of the health care workers in our hospitals, and other congregate settings?’

Last chance to take part in Canadian Occupational Safety’s Readers’ Choice survey

Canadian Occupational Safety’s annual survey closes this week

Lack of PPE related to healthcare workers’ anxiety, depression: report

‘We expected to see heightened anxiety and depression during this pandemic, but we didn’t expect to see levels this high’

NSC issues statement on workplace diversity, respect

President and CEO Lorraine M. Martin calls for business leaders to be catalysts for positive and lasting change

Testing, tracing and isolating – How to be effective

Expert weighs in on how to successfully implement testing, tracing and isolating in the workplace

Big businesses working to support frontline workers amid pandemic

‘We want to help them continue to focus on caring for their patients and, by extension, our communities’

Canadian journalism groups rue news workers’ plight covering U.S. protests

‘We're seeing oppression of media that is unheard of in a democratic society’


Food safety and OH&S matters during COVID-19

Five key things to know about food safety amid the current pandemic

Mass notifications are a useful way to keep in contact with workers, especially during a pandemic

A look at how two-way radios impact safety

‘Safety personnel will utilize two-way radios while working in different environments, such as construction sites, schools, hydrocarbon production sites, and petrochemical plants’

COVID-19 provides an essential insight into how the safety community responds to and handles biohazard risks in the workplace, as well as further efforts to be made, writes Glyn Jones

'It's complicated'

Safety consultant Dave Fennell explains why complex matters must be systematically simplified to provide a more targeted and effective approach in the OHS space


My Safety Moment – Abdel-Rahman Sabriye

"I genuinely believe that safety is not conducted from behind a desk or at your workstation. You have to go out engage, help, coach and be involved to build that relationship"

Saskatchewan reducing serious injuries, fatalities

New CEO of Saskatchewan's Workers' Compensation Board explains the key areas of the province's strategy for tackling serious injuries and workplace deaths


Aquila project light

New technology disinfects masks and gowns in seconds, economically and environmentally

Backwoods Security Services TempScout Thermal Temperature Screening Service

Comprehensive service enables rapid deployment of mass temperature screening to help employers reduce viral spread