How to keep your employees safe during COVID-19

Though vaccine news has given hope, respecting COVID-19 guidelines is still as important as ever

No PPE shortage in sight for many businesses: Survey

Hand sanitizer, disinfectant, disinfectant wipes in high demand

Manitoba announces new policies for personal care home staff

‘This new public health improves staffing flexibility for personal care homes and to allow care providers to schedule additional shifts’

Federal government, Ontario, invest to improve long-term care homes in the province

‘Upgrading ventilation systems to ensure cleaner air in Ontario’s long-term care homes will be critical to the health and safety of residents and the people that care for them’

Saskatchewan launches online psychological resource centre

‘We’ve seen Saskatchewan workplaces dealing with unique psychological health and safety challenges. That reinforces the importance of providing Saskatchewan employers and workers with the tools they need’

Ontario providing free emergency child care for essential workers

‘Doing so will allow these frontline workers to perform their duties knowing that their children are safe and in good hands’

Federal government supports PEI fish and seafood sector

Two new initiatives will ‘help the sector adapt to the new realities of COVID-19 and move forward from the pandemic’


Maybe Elon Musk has the right idea about crazy corporate titles

Psychological Trauma and Cybercrime

‘Cybercrime has been around for some time, but articles show that during the global COVID pandemic, rates of cyberthreats have risen 30,000 per cent’

‘By getting their counter-virus strategy the right way round, business leaders can minimize potential COVID-19 breakouts’

How has the pandemic affected construction projects in the US?

Businesses can implement solutions to mitigate the risk of fatigue


My Safety Moment – Michael Byerley

Byerley is a safety consultant with a passion for teaching and a wealth of expertise

Working toward a better Canada

Colin Druhan, executive director, Pride at Work Canada, tells us about his organization's essential mission


Cementex T-Handle tools

T-Handles provide superior grip and rigid construction for evenly distributed pressure

Threads reusable gloves

An environmentally friendly alternative to disposable gloves