Please stay home if you are sick: Ontario's doctors

With the flu season in full swing, Ontario's doctors are encouraging people who are sick to stay home from work.
"I can't stress it enough going to work while sick is bad for you and potentially worse for your colleagues. Staying home to rest will help you to manage your illness and prevent others from getting infected," said Scott Wooder, president of the Ontario Medical Association. "Think about those around you, and please don't take the flu to work."

The flu is highly contagious. Most cold and flu viruses are spread because people touch surfaces and then touch their faces, other objects and other people. Employers should encourage workers to stay home when sick - not require sick notes, which has a discouraging effect, said Wooder, and forcing patients into the doctor's office when they are sick only encourages the spread of germs to those in the waiting room, who in some cases are often more vulnerable. People such as children, seniors and those living with chronic diseases are more susceptible to the flu and are a greater risk from its complications.

Following a few basic guidelines such as coughing and sneezing into an elbow, using hand sanitizer, and washing hands frequently will help prevent the flu. These are important tips, but getting the flu shot is still the best defence against the flu. And it’s still not too late to get vaccinated, said Wooder.