BC Municipal Safety Association

The British Columbia Municipal Safety Association (BCMSA) is an independent, non-profit organization committed to improving worker health and safety in all industries throughout the province. 


Your safety is our business. We work to improve safety programs and implement effective occupational health and safety management across the province. Our onsite, virtual and online training equip employers and employees with invaluable prevention training that serves to reduce human and financial costs. 


Our Vision 

Safer and healthier workplaces for everyone. 


Our Mission Statement 

Empowering people to create healthier and safer workplaces through the sharing of knowledge and resources. 


The principles governing our actions include: 

Dependability: ensuring we are a reliable, accurate, and credible source of information and training. 

Integrity: carrying out our work with integrity and instilling trust in what we do. 

Transparency: operating with openness and accountability. 

Responsiveness: addressing the needs of our members in a timely fashion. 

Innovation: seeking and embracing new practices and technologies. 

Collaboration: working with other organizations to further the vision and mission of the BCMSA. 


Our Top Priority 

Our primary goals are to eliminate workplace injuries and reduce safety-related financial costs. As the municipal training agency of choice in British Columbia, we provide a variety of onsite and online quality training courses. We equip workers in all industries with invaluable prevention training and we guide municipal employers, so they can implement effective occupational health and safety management. 


Our People 

In short, we’re a dedicated group of individuals who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the BCMSA organization. We love what we do, and we turn up to work passionate about enhancing safety culture through sharing our knowledge and resources.