4Refuel’s end-to-end safety strategy starts with a rigid hiring process, flows into extensive training that covers hazards as well as control measures to prevent harm, and completes the circle with continuous education — but it’s the ongoing communication with a focus on employee engagement that sets the company apart.  

Safety is a frequent and celebrated topic at 4Refuel with lessons and achievements shared from senior leadership through to the front line, and continuous initiatives look to strengthen that safety culture. Operations leadership took part in a workshop called Courage to Care that emphasized personal values, self-conviction and a shift to “I will look after my own safety and the safety of others” over the idea that “someone will look after me” — a perspective 4Refuel believes is pivotal to changing behaviours and sustaining safety performance.  

The organization presents the Courage to Care Award monthly to employees who report hazardous situations or present proactive measures. It also kicks off all meetings by sharing safety moments, which ensures the focus is always brought back to the goal: a safe and effective workplace. And although culture change starts at the top, 4Refuel knows it takes root in peer-to-peer communication: this year, the “This is My Story” campaign allows employees to share with each other stories of their workplace injuries to raise awareness and prevent future incidents.  

The impact of this holistic approach is reflected in the numbers. In a recent survey, 4Refuel received an overall 88% safety score, with 91% of employees reporting they have no doubt that if there were a conflict between safety and other business objectives, safety would come first and 90% feeling that senior leadership is clearly committed to their safety. Those kinds of percentages are what 4Refuel strives for as it continues to drive its safety mission forward.

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