Birchcliff Energy Ltd.

From the organization’s president ending all meetings with “Stay safe,” to field teams discussing safety topics prior to commencing work, safety is at the heart of everything Birchcliff Energy Ltd. does.   

“This is part of our culture, not because we have to, but because we all care about each other’s safety and the safety of each other’s families,” says Chris Carlsen, President and COO. “We should be proud of our efforts and commitment to safety over the years.” Birchcliff’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) program provides a framework to safeguard employees, contractors, visitors and the communities in which the company operates. Birchcliff takes pride in its strong HSE culture, and recognizes that a thriving culture depends entirely on employees’ level of buy-in. In its quest for continuous improvement, Birchcliff strives to find new ways to support and improve behaviors that will positively impact safety performance and culture. The level of dedication and passion everyone has for the HSE program is a point of pride, says Dave Humphreys, VP of Operations.  

“Words cannot express how proud I am of our entire Birchcliff Team. I’m constantly amazed as to the level of engagement and teamwork I see from our management team, our field leaders and all of our operations personnel, on a daily basis. To me, this demonstrates the importance that each and every one of our people place not only on their own safety but on the safety of their co-workers. Actions always speak louder than words and it is very evident to me by our team’s consistent actions that they wish for each person working on a Birchcliff site to make it home safely to their loved ones after every shift,” says Humphreys.  

Passionate about his profession, his team and his work, Health and Safety Manager Ryan Sloan says getting Birchcliff’s people home safe at the end of every day is a privilege. He considers himself fortunate to work for an organization that puts people first and spends a lot of time with Birchcliff’s stakeholders to plan and execute projects, training and education with one goal in mind: to promote safety at work.  

“My role is constant communication and support — and to always be looking for new opportunities to make our culture safer.” 

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