Carol L. Ross
Alberta Association for Safety

Carol L. Ross, Founder

Carol L. Ross

Alberta Association for Safety

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Carol is a pillar in the Alberta safety industry and has always been an outspoken advocate of safe work environments. After two years of spearheading a volunteer OSHMAP project under Alberta Labour, she founded the Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships (AASP) in 1998 which has since grown to the 2nd largest safety association in Alberta serving more that 3,600 companies across all industries.  Her mantra is that “things should be done right because they are the right thing to do” and not only because they are a legal requirement. It is this selfless commitment to serving the businesses of Alberta in the quest for zero incidents that has made Carol a successful and respected member of the Alberta community and the OHS industry.

In recognition of her contribution, leadership and commitment Carol was awarded the Work Safe Alberta Individual Achievement Award in 2014. Carol has also been honored with the annual "Carol Ross Scholarship for Studies in Occupational Health & Safety" sponsored by and in recognition of her dedication, integrity and energy.

Along with her dedication to service Carol is a also true “safety entrepreneur”, pioneer and early adopter of technology at heart; and due to this characteristic, she has successfully initiated and implemented many ground-breaking programs – blazing the trail for others to follow. These initiatives include:

• Adoption of the first electronic safety auditing solutions in 2009 when software was still foreign in the OHS industry. Working with this technology has eliminated most of the time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing OHS Auditors to focus their efforts on providing more detailed and better feedback to ensure continuous improvement of safety programs.

• Pioneering the first government approved safety survey to provide companies with a better understanding of their internal safety culture and to identify areas for improvement.

• Being the first association in Alberta to see the potential of online training and making it available since 2008, knowing that it will reduce training cost and to make training available to more employees at a lower cost. And she continues to work with to expand the offering to make more content available to more Albertans.

• In 2011 Carol authored “Fundamentals of Health and Safety Auditing; An Auditor’s Handi-Guide” which has since become the industry standard for how to conduct an OHS audit.

These initiatives have since been adopted by many of her peers, which underscores the proactive thinking that has become synonymous with Carol Ross and her ability to execute and lead this industry.