Alum-Tek Industries failed to control ignition sources around flammable liquids

Company also being penalized for providing safety officer with false information

Alum-Tek Industries has been fined $65,886 by WorkSafeBC. The firm manufactures metal enclosures to house electrical equipment and is based in Langley, B.C. A WorkSafeBC inspection found the firm contravened a number of health and safety requirements by allowing its workers to spray flammable paint in the main shop area in the presence of potential ignition sources, such as heaters, lighting, electrical panels and receptacles, and extension cords.


Two of the portable spray systems they were using lacked proper bonding between the metal paint reservoirs and the rest of the spray system, as required by the regulation. In addition, three of the firm's workers were found with the seal of their full-face respirators compromised by facial hair. One of the firm's supervisors told WorkSafeBC that the firm had not previously spray-painted in the main shop area, a statement later shown to be false.


WorkSafeBC issued a stop-work order.


The firm's failure to eliminate or control ignition sources around flammable liquids and its failure to provide adequately bonded spray systems were high-risk violations. The firm also failed to provide its workers with the supervision necessary to ensure their health and safety, a repeated violation.


Further, the firm is being penalized for knowingly providing a WorkSafeBC officer with false information.


Source: WorkSafeBC