Company fined more than $100K after fallen pipe seriously injures worker

Failed to provide worker training, perform hazard assessment

CMR Fabricators of Penhold, Alta., has been fined a total of $108,100 by the Alberta Ministry of Labour.


On June 30, 2015, a worker suffered serious injuries while attempting to manually roll a pipe being supported by two pipe stands. The pipe fell from one of the stands and landed on the worker’s leg.


CMR Fabricators, being an employer, was found guilty of section 2(1)(a)(i) of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, failure to ensure the health and safety of their worker. The company was fined $90,000 plus the 15 per cent victim fine surcharge.


CMR Fabricators was also found guilty of four additional counts and fined $1,000 plus the victim fine surcharge per count. The four counts were as follows:

•section 15(1) of OHS Regulation, failure to ensure its workers were trained in the safe operation of the equipment (pipe stands) they were required to operate.

•section 13(1)(a) of OHS Regulation, failure to ensure that where work was done that could endanger a worker, that work was done by a worker who was competent to do that work.

•section 189 of the OHS Code, failure to ensure equipment to be moved was contained, restrained or protected to eliminate potential danger to workers.

•section 210(1) of the OHS Code, failure to perform a hazard assessment before a worker manually lifted, pushed, pulled, carried, handled or transported a load that could injure the worker, that considered: (a) the weight of the load; (b) the size of the load; (c) the shape of the load; (d) the number of times the load would be moved; and (e) the manner in which the load would be moved.


All other charges were withdrawn or dismissed.


Source: Alberta Ministry of Labour