Concrete reinforcing company fined $27,000

Temporary supports in place deemed inadequate

Concrete reinforcing company fined $27,000

Tycon Steel has been fined $26,814 by WorkSafeBC.

This firm was providing concrete reinforcing services at a multi-building high-rise construction site in Burnaby, B.C. While the firm was installing a prefabricated rebar cage, a previously installed rebar cage started to lean, leading to the collapse of several cages.

WorkSafeBC determined that the temporary supports in place were inadequate for the rebar cages, each of which was about 9.1 metres (30 feet) high. A stop-work order was issued.

The firm failed to ensure that, during the erection of a structure, all partially assembled components were supported as necessary to withstand any loads likely to be imposed on them. This was a high-risk violation.

Source: WorkSafeBC