Durable safety coating

Coating designed to increase traction and reduce maintenance on warehouse floors or loading docks

Durable safety coating

According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)’s Traumatic Occupational Injuries Fast Facts webpage, the “most recent traumatic injury data show [that] 27% of the 888,220 nonfatal work injuries resulting in days away from work in 2019 were related to slips, trips, and falls”.

These slips result from a loss of balance caused by too little friction between people’s feet and the surface they walk or work on. Conventional non-slip coatings tend to wear quickly and need to be reapplied, often at considerable expense.

A new category of durable, high-tech, all epoxy coating is dramatically increasing traction and improving safety in a wide range of slip and fall-prone areas such as production floors, warehouse space, loading docks, platforms, ramps, walkways, emergency staircases, stair landings, and ladders.

The non-skid coating Form-A-Tread® SL (Self Leveling) by Form-A-Tread Company has come up with a formula to address this issue.

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