Electrical shock costs aggregates firm $19K

Company failed to determine location of all underground utilities

Westhills Aggregates of Penticton, B.C. has been fined $19,606 after a worker received an electrical shock.


WorkSafeBC inspected this firm's work site in response to an incident. While excavating a trench, an excavator struck a buried electrical cable, and a worker inside the trench received an electrical shock from the severed cable.


The firm failed to ensure that, before excavating with mechanical equipment, it had accurately determined the location of all underground utilities. This was a repeated and high-risk violation.


WorkSafeBC also determined that two workers had been working inside the excavation, which had a depth of about four meters. The firm failed to ensure the excavation was sloped, shored, benched or supported as required, or to obtain a report from a qualified professional confirming it was safe for worker entry.


This was a high-risk violation. 


Source: WorkSafeBC