Employer group calls for changes to Ontario's safety, insurance system

Ontario's workplace safety and insurance system is outdated and requires a comprehensive review to restore effectiveness, according to Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME).
CME, which has a rich history of advocating workers' compensation issues dating back to 1914, believes the best way to ensure the needs of employers are met is through a Royal Commission.

"Appropriately addressing WSIB's (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) funding crisis requires close scrutiny on both sides of the balance sheet," says Ian Howcroft, vice-president of CME Ontario, during an appearance at the WSIB's Funding Review. "You cannot simply look at revenue. Expenses — namely benefits — must be taken into consideration. "

Over the past century, the workers' compensation system has evolved, but changes are still needed to ensure the framework serves the needs of its stakeholders.

CME is advocating for government to adjust the system's current funding model by exploring such options as co-payments for workers, deductibles and waiting periods.

"CME has always played a leading role concerning workers' compensation, including helping to design the original system," explains Howcroft. "A Royal Commission with a mandate to review all aspects of the system is needed to ensure that a publicly run WSIB still continues to meet the needs of employers in the 21st century."

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