Fall protection, confined space violations cost firm $10K

Workers were constructing new inland ferry vessel

Waterbridge Steel in Glade, B.C., has been fined $10,766 by WorkSafeBC.


This work site was the location for the construction of a new inland ferry vessel. When WorkSafeBC inspected the site, the firm was preparing to use a crane to lift a pre-fabricated module onto the partly assembled vessel.


WorkSafeBC determined that workers had accessed the top of the module to connect the lifting chain slings to the designated lifting points. No fall protection system had been in place, exposing workers to a fall risk of 4.1 metres (13.5 feet). The firm failed to ensure fall protection was used, a high-risk violation. 


WorkSafeBC also determined that welding and grinding work had taken place in the spaces underneath the main deck prior to conducting initial air testing, and that no rescue team was on site. 


The firm failed to ensure that before workers entered a confined space, it implemented a confined space program with the required elements, including the assignment of responsibilities, a hazard assessment, and verification and testing. This was a repeated and high-risk violation. 


Source: WorkSafeBC