Fall protection most-cited safety violation: OSHA

Once again, fall protection tops the list of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s most-cited workplace safety violations in the United States.
The presentation of the top 10 was given before a crowded group of spectators on the expo floor at the 2013 National Safety Council Congress & Expo.

“We appreciate our colleagues at OSHA sharing their most recent data as we look toward leading safety into the future,” said NSC president and CEO Janet Froetscher. “Today’s presentation reminds us that it’s very important to learn from the past and address these top violations to help make our workplaces safer.”

2013 preliminary top 10 violations

1. Fall protection (8,241 violations)
2. Hazard communication (6,156)
3. Scaffolding (5,423)
4. Respiratory Protection (3,879)
5. Electrical, wiring methods (3,452)
6. Powered industrial trucks (3,340)
7. Ladders (3,311)
8. Lockout/tagout (3,254)
9. Electrical, general requirements (2,745)
10. Machine guarding (2,701)