Nova Scotia seeks changes to highway workers' safety regulations

Nova Scotia wants to improve safety of highway workers and is seeking input from stakeholders. The proposed changes will be included in the Occupational Safety General Regulations.

Nova Scotia's Department of Labour and Advanced Education is proposing changes to the current Temporary Workplace Traffic Control Regulations and is asking interested parties for comments and feedback by March 1st.

The department's policy and planning division is circulating a drafting instructions" for comments. (Scroll down to the bottom of the article to download the document).

"There are new provisions related to temporary work on highways that is not associated with construction, utility or maintenance work," said a statement from the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

"Under the new provisions, employers engaged in work other than construction, maintenance or utility work will be required to develop a safe work practice. The new minimum safety requirements include employees wearing high-visibility safety apparel, the use of any vehicle flashing warning lights and the use of an appropriate flashlight when directing traffic."

The requirement for employers engaged in construction, utility or maintenance work to have a Code of Practice approved by the Director of Occupational Health and Safety is continued, the statement said.

The new name of the Part, which will be included in the Occupational Safety General Regulations, will be Temporary Workplace on Highways.

The department is asking stakeholders to send in their comment: by mail at OHS Regulations Review, Policy & Planning Division, Labour and Advanced Education, 5151 Terminal Road, PO Box 697, Halifax, NS B3J 2T8; by phone at 1-800-567-7544 or 902-424-2366; or by e-mail at [email protected]