Nova Scotia seeks public input on proposed changes to OHS regulations

Nova Scotia's Department of Labour and Advanced Education is proposing changes to the regulations under the province's Occupational Health and Safety Act and is seeking input from the public.
Changes are being proposed to make the regulations easier to use, and to keep the regulations up to date with national standards, according to the department.

Interested parties have an opportunity to provide feedback on the following proposed changes to workplace health and safety regulations before they become law:

1. The consolidation of many of the regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act into the new Workplace Health and Safety Regulations (WHS Regulations)
2. The use of automatically updated references to standards in the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations;
3. Specific changes in:
    a. The creation of Phase 1 of the WHS Regulations, including changes to the following current regulations and the development of one new area of health and safety:
    - Fall Protection and Scaffolding Regulations
    - Rope Access (new);
    - Temporary Workplace Traffic Control Regulations
    - Occupational Health Regulations (including transfer under the Occupational Health and Safety Act from the Health Protection Act)

The discussion paper is available in English and French.

All submissions should be received by August 29, 2012.