Saskatchewan delays changes to health and safety act

Saskatchewan is delaying the implementation of amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act because of concerns expressed by employers in the province.
In May 2012, the government announced the changes would come into force on Sept. 3, 2012. The Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety then held information sessions around the province to support workplaces in understanding and implementing the new standards in their workplaces. Attendees received an interpretative guide and participated in discussions on the amendments to the act and regulations.

During these information sessions, however, the ministry received a variety of comments on the amendments. The primary areas of concern include:
•the issuing of summary offence tickets
•the requirement to designate a prime contractor to co-ordinate site safety in sites with multiple employers or self-employed persons
•the increase in penalties.

The ministry said it will not move forward with the amendments until it is able to address these concerns. Information on the time and location of additional consultation sessions will be provided in the coming weeks.

More information about the amendments to the OHS Act can be found on Saskatchewan's Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety website.