Strive for more in 2024: How to achieve contractor safety goals

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Strive for more in 2024: How to achieve contractor safety goals

This article was produced in partnership with Alcumus SafeContractor

As governmental focus on health, safety, and sustainability factors continue to ramp up, demand for robust safety- and sustainability-related compliance procedures are also growing at an unprecedented rate. Faced with ever-changing contractor management goals, the need for comprehensive compliance reporting is more critical than ever, leaving one major question: how do you keep up?

The New Year is a great time to make sure your business is ready for a bigger and better year of contractor compliance, says Dylan Street, Contractor Management Expert at Alcumus SafeContractor and host of the upcoming webinar Strive for More in 2024: How to Achieve Contractor Safety Goals.

“Canadian businesses now more than ever are expected to make workplace safety and ethical standing their #1 priority, with clear regulation and industry procedures in place,” says Street, who partners with major clients across industries and is passionate about improving efficiencies, reducing admin costs, and elevating contractor performance across safety, ESG, professional standing, training, and insurances.

Street’s passion should be your business priority, because the numbers don’t lie: 49% of investors say they would divest from companies unless they take sufficient actions where ESG issues were identified; Canadian organizations face an average cost of between $117,000-$234,000 in lost time from an injury; a recent survey found nearly 20% of Canadian businesses don’t offer safety and orientation programs that are legally required for new workers in the majority of the country; and 69% of questioned businesses admit they don’t have total visibility over their entire supply change, mostly due to multiple sites and extensive contractor data creating blind spots. Further, in 2024 the Canada Modern Slavery Act (S-211) will tackle forced and child labour in the supply chain, meaning heightened scrutiny of your contractor management and potential penalties of up to $250,000.

“Safety regulations are common but increasing ESG regulations are putting pressure on businesses to act — it’s no longer a nice to have, but a must do,” Street says, adding that businesses need to capture insight and visibility of risk data related to the contractors that are sourced into the business and work on their sites in line with requirements and regulations in Canada.

“They should also have robust and reliable processes in place for managing contractor management in the workplace. It’s a time intensive and admin burden heavy task that needs constant review to avoid getting caught out.”

During the free webinar, Street will share practical guidance on how to meet — and exceed — contractor safety and compliance goals in 2024 and beyond, including five steps to Contractor Safety Excellence, how to stay ahead of upcoming ESG regulations, and how to streamline contractor management in order to unleash efficiency in your business.

“Are you ready to reflect on and update your goals, and kick off 2024 with a solid contractor compliance roadmap? Contractor compliance is a team effort, and we’d love to be on yours. Join me for an insightful and informative webinar and start the New Year off right.”

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