How temperature checks can benefit recovering workplaces

High body temperatures are one of the chief symptoms of COVID-19

How temperature checks can benefit recovering workplaces
Temperature scanning technology saw a surge in usage during 2020.
Chad Rissanen

As businesses make tentative moves to recovery, there has been a lack of clear direction as to how they should re-open with COVID-19 lingering in the background. With federal guidelines differing between provinces, and worker anxiety at an all-time high, workplace managers find themselves juggling a number of conflicting commitments and recommendations. But despite this confusion, there are tangible steps towards workplace recovery that can be made by leaders as conditions gradually improve.

For an effective anti-virus strategy to see real results, it must make use of comprehensive elements for a diversified approach. This involves thwarting the virus’s potential spread at multiple locations. One major point of disruption to viral spread is at building entrances, which act as vectors for COVID-19. Naturally, securing such areas will be best achieved using technology, namely entranceway health monitoring devices. 

COVID-19 has a number of visible symptoms that can be monitored for. Chief among these are high body temperatures (over 38°C) and feverishness, according to Canadian Government guidelines. Whilst COVID-19 does manifest asymptomatic cases, it is crucial that potential hotspots, such as shop floors, screen out cases before they can infect others.

For maximum effectiveness, temperature screening technologies need to be properly integrated. According to CNET, this includes taking a number of preliminary measures, such as: placing the device in the optimal location, ensuring that staff know how to operate it effectively, and ensuring alerts are handled in the correct way. It is recommended that ‘the chosen thermal scanning location is one that will keep those in the area safe.’ Alongside this, workers re-entering buildings, when met with these devices the first time, must be instructed as to how to interact with them.

As is the case with Tevano’s Health Shield, such devices can check whether or not employees are masked up, which is another crucial measure to counter the virus. Thanks to such features, companies can ensure increased safety as this ‘new normal’ is set to continue into the longer-term future, especially in light of newer and more virulent virus strains.

One of the major benefits that come from visible temperature checks is enhanced brand value. As workplaces receive staff back into brick-and-mortar sites, new health monitoring devices serve as external signifiers of high standards and corporate innovation.

Temperature scanning technology saw a surge in usage during 2020. This trend looks set to continue, as thermal imaging will find its way into an increasing number of industry sectors in the long term. Health screening devices, therefore, stand to benefit businesses not only as they work to protect their staff and customers from contact with the virus in the short term, but as they adapt their operations and deploy smart solutions to ensure healthy workplaces going forward.