Recognizing outstanding safety advocates

What makes an effective and successful safety incentive system is not in the reward itself but in the spirit of the recognition. Most safety managers know this. It’s why they go out of their way to ensure workers are onboard with safety programs. It’s why effective safety managers are always walking the floor, talking to people, listening to their safety concerns and doing the best they can to address them. It’s why safety managers, at the risk of losing their job, bravely take on senior management to fight for workplace safety. It’s why they take the time to get the education, training and certification they need to do their job effectively.

And this is why COS embarked, three years ago, on a nationwide search to give recognition where recognition is due. Our COS Safety Leader of the Year Award honours exceptional men and women who are making a difference in workers’ lives. Since 2006, we have recognized three outstanding safety leaders:

•Melony Erickson, safety manager at Alberta Oil Tool, 2006 Safety Manager of the Year
•Janet Sellery, former safety manager at Stratford Shakespeare Festival, 2007 Safety Manager of the Year
•Peter Hollett, safety manager at Exterran Canada, 2008 Safety Leader of the Year

Our search for the next COS Safety Leader of the Year continues. We are looking for exceptional individuals who best exemplify leadership and vision for a safe and healthy workplace. What better way to find these outstanding leaders than by having the very people they work and interact with make the nomination.

The COS Safety Leader of the Year Award is our chance to recognize the people who are truly making a difference in workers’ lives. They are the people who spend most of their time thinking of ways to ensure that workers can go home to their families safe at the end of the day. They are the people who always have your back and are always on the lookout for hazards that make an environment unsafe for you to work in. They are the people who have played an essential role in significantly improving the safety culture in your organization.

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized for his or her safety leadership? This is your chance to show your appreciation. Click here to submit a nomination.

Mari-Len De Guzman is the editor of Canadian Occupational Safety. You can reach her at [email protected].