Seeing the whites of their eyes

Have you ever looked into the eyes of workers in a safety meeting? In some meetings the eyes light up, in some they gloss over, and in others they roll. If you are creating gloss and/or rolling eyes, you have a great opportunity! Think about it — you already dedicate time to safety meetings. Why not get the maximum return for that time invested?

I know a lot of meetings are mandatory. I know that being forced to do something can take the fun and motivation out of it. But it doesn’t have to be a boring case of grudging compliance. Meetings can be an opportunity to discuss upcoming issues, share expertise from experienced hands to new hires, discuss best practices, or plan an upcoming project. It doesn’t have to be a lecture or sermon on thinking before you act. It can be interactive and engaging with just a little effort and pre-planning.

The key aspects to creating bright-eyed meetings are practicality and participation. Topics that don’t readily apply to real work get eyes rolling. Boring speech-giving presenters or shallow attempts to involve workers make the eyes gloss over. Remember this formula: Practical topics + Engaging delivery = Bright eyes.