FreshAir has smoking detection system for schools

Sensors also help enforce no-smoking policies

FreshAir has smoking detection system for schools

FreshAir has released its FreshAir1 Smoking Detection System. The FreshAir system is designed for dormitories and other school and university buildings. It will monitor for, immediately detect, and prove tobacco smoking and marijuana smoking. It’s a tool for enforcing no-smoking policies and protecting infrastructure investments.

Unlike typical smoke detectors which use light or radiation to detect general particles (dust, smoke, steam, etc.), FreshAir sensors are capable of detecting specific molecules in tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke. A molecularly imprinted polymer that forms the sensor resets following smoking detection, enabling continued monitoring without additional upkeep.

Deployed in schools, FreshAir1 devices, with their patented PolySens® technology, detect and prove smoking in unauthorized areas. These tamper-proof devices and cloud-based monitoring platform are designed to prevent typical efforts to defeat detection, helping to protect no-smoking areas in real time.

FreshAir's detection devices plug into standard outlets and are secured with tamper-proof screws. The wifi-enabled detection devices connect to building networks to communicate 24/7 with FreshAir's monitoring platform. Each device in a FreshAir1 system is capable of monitoring up to 500 square feet of open space.

When smoking is detected in a monitored space, FreshAir sends users an immediate alert via email, computer desktop, and/or mobile phone push notification. Smoking alerts come with timestamped reports of the incident in the monitored space, providing the scientific proof needed to enforce no-smoking policies. FreshAir’s Mobile App and online portal allow facilities teams to access alert history, stay updated on device information, and log additional evidence of smoking to be archived in the account’s alert history.