SpiderTech launches strapless DIY face masks

Masks launched as Canadian government calls for more mask use

SpiderTech launches strapless DIY face masks

Before COVID-19, SpiderTech was a brand most recognized by athletes around the world who use its precut kinesiology tape to relieve overused muscle pressure and pain. Since then, the company has augmented its scope by putting its products to work to provide a safer, more secure and comfortable mask application adhesive for medical workers. And now, do-it-yourself everyday masks for everyone else.

SpiderTech's DIY kinesiology tape masks are made from breathable materials that act as a filter for the user's mouth and nose and provide full-seal protection. The disposable and flexible masks adhere directly to the skin, thereby eliminating straps around one's ears or head. The kinesiology tape masks remain in place even with vigorous activity thereby reducing contamination that can be caused through continual adjustments of typical masks. They have also made the face covers readily accessible by offering XL tape rolls for $5.25 that make up to 30 masks - at a cost breakdown of about 17 cents each – in seven colors.

“Our kinesiology tape just happens to be a material that easily translated to face masks. It feels good to know we're playing a role in potentially protecting Canadians from the virus through a stellar product and involvement in other public safety initiatives,” said Dr. Nick Martichenko, SpiderTech.

Earlier this year, SpiderTech introduced face protection strips for healthcare workers. They act as a barrier between the user's face and their medical grade mask or eyewear to prevent the skin abrasions that frontline clinical workers were experiencing from prolonged use – leaving them susceptible to infections and health problems.

The company also created YouTube tutorials on how to construct a mask and is a sponsor of the non-profit Masking Together, which helps ensure an adequate supply of medical grade face masks to Canadian hospital workers caring for COVID-19 patients.

Founded in 2009, SpiderTech is a division of NUCAP Industries – which has a 25-year track record in development of safety-related products. For more information, visit www.SpiderTech.com