HEMCO Canopy Hoods

Rust-proof chemical resistant canopy hoods

HEMCO Canopy Hoods
The hoods include a wall mounting kit.

Canopy Hoods are designed to collect and exhaust corrosive vapors, heat, steam and odors. They are available in 36”, 48”, 72” & 96” widths, in Wall or Island models. Canopy hoods are available in either molded chemical-resistant, flame-retardant one-piece composite resin or fabricated of welded type 304 stainless steel.

Wall canopy hoods include a wall mounting kit. Island canopy hoods have an optional suspended mounting kit available. Additionally, custom size canopy hoods can be manufactured to exact size and design requirements.

Corner Canopy Hoods can either be wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling. Optional corner composite work surface and corner tables are available. With any of the canopy hoods, vapor proof lights, switches and side and rear enclosure panels are offered to prevent cross drafts and further improve airflow while providing a way to contain chemical spills. Exhaust blowers, ducting and inline HEPA or carbon filters can be engineered to meet ventilation requirements.