MSA offers V-FIT™ Safety Harness

Company says harness redefines comfort and functionality

MSA offers V-FIT™ Safety Harness

The V-FIT™ safety harness introduces a revolutionary approach to workplace safety by prioritizing wearer comfort and functionality. Featuring the patent-pending RaceFLEX™ buckle, bulky chest straps are eliminated, ensuring a close and comfortable fit for users.

Its athletic cut contours to the body, enhancing upper torso mobility, while soft shoulder padding eliminates pressure points and chafing, ensuring all-day comfort. The harness also includes removable shoulder padding for easy cleaning, extending its lifespan.

With quick pull-down adjustment and dedicated attachment points for Personal Fall Limiters, the V-FIT™ harness offers convenience and versatility. Four lanyard keepers, including two at the waist, further enhance comfort by keeping lanyards away from sensitive areas.

The V-FIT™ safety harness sets a new standard for comfort and functionality in workplace safety gear, providing a promising solution for various industries where safety is paramount.