App-created insoles

Wiivv Wearables, a Vancouver and San Diego-based consumer technology company...

App-created insoles

Wiivv Wearables, a Vancouver and San Diego-based consumer technology company that creates custom-fit footwear products through its app, has launched an employee wellness program for workers on their feet. The launch follows a successful pilot program with the Pacific Northwest’s North Shore Rescue team, where Wiivv donated 40 pairs of custom fit insoles to the volunteers.

In extreme mountain and canyon conditions, this team of more than 40 skilled volunteers routinely assists police, ambulance and fire services, the RCMP, the BC Provincial Emergency Program and the State of Washington in more than 130 search and rescue operations per year, as well as during civil emergencies.

“On an average call, we can spend anywhere from one hour to three days on our feet. We are constantly on the go in some of the toughest conditions, including ice-covered rocks, wet and muddy slopes and hanging from helicopters on a longline. We stay on the job until it’s done, which means we rely on our feet to keep us going the entire time,” says North Shore Rescue training officer Scott Campbell. “We don’t have time to feel pain.”

Wiivv’s North America-wide employee wellness program is designed for health care, hospitality, first responders and other industries that have a high potential for foot, leg and back pain and injury from repetitive use and single incidents. Organizations can now offer Wiivv insoles to their employees as part of their corporate wellness offering.

Designed to support the body’s biomechanics from the foot up the kinetic chain to the lower back, Wiivv’s custom fit 3D printed insoles have been designed to relieve foot pain, foot fatigue, joint discomfort and plantar fasciitis. In industries where people work on their feet, pain-free team members are likely to be more productive, with less absenteeism due to pain and injury, the company says.

“We wear the best quality boots while we’re on a call, however, since we are working in such extreme conditions, it really takes a toll on our bodies. Wiivv insoles really help cushion our feet from the constant pounding they take,” says Campbell.

“Personally, I’ve noticed that my knees don’t hurt as much and my lower back pain from a reoccurring injury is starting to subside.”

Wiivv’s award-winning foot capture app for iOS and Android is behind the insoles’ customization. Using more than 200 data points on each foot captured by the Wiivv app and any smartphone camera, Wiivv’s technology allows computer algorithms to pinpoint the unique length, width and arch height of each person’s unique feet, creating insoles with an accurate, customized fit.

“We’re committed to supporting first responders and other workers — from baristas and construction workers to doctors and nurses — who have to perform in environments where  they’re on their feet all day and the demands on their bodies and health are high,” says Shamil Hargovan, Wiivv’s CEO and co-founder. “We’re thrilled with the positive feedback we receive from employers and workers about how Wiivvs help improve their day-to-day performance while reducing injuries and time off due to pain.”