Cat Footwear’s ‘Intruder’ a 90’s throwback

Work shoe features chunky look while boasting comfort and performance

Cat Footwear’s ‘Intruder’ a 90’s throwback

Cat Footwear embraces nostalgia with the revival of its iconic 'Intruder' sneaker from the '90s, contributing to the current trend of chunky, overbuilt footwear. The much-awaited 'Intruder' is a fusion of vintage charm and contemporary flair, featuring a distinctive mesh and nubuck upper that adds a touch of modernity to its classic appeal.

The sneaker's timeless chunky silhouette, reminiscent of the beloved 'Dad trainer' style, showcases a thick rubber platform outsole, remaining as trendy today as it was in its heyday. True to Cat Footwear's commitment to comfort and performance, the 'Intruder' boasts a removable EVA footbed, allowing wearers to enjoy a personalized fit and enhanced support throughout their day.

Inside, a soft and breathable nylon mesh sock lining ensures optimal ventilation, keeping feet cool and comfortable during extended wear. Meanwhile, the durable and lightweight EVA midsole continues to embody the brand's ethos of blending durability and style seamlessly.

As part of the Re-Powered capsule collection, the 'Intruder' rekindles the memories of the past while redefining the standards for contemporary footwear. Fashion enthusiasts and shoe aficionados alike can anticipate the release of the 'Intruder,' as it makes its grand entrance in select retail outlets and online stores. Whether relishing the nostalgia of yesteryears or embracing a newfound fascination for chunky trainers, the 'Intruder' is poised to leave an indelible mark in the world of footwear fashion once again.