Dentec Winter ICETRED Traction Devices

Protect employees from snow and ice hazards

Dentec Winter ICETRED Traction Devices
Dentec offers a range of solutions.

Safety specialist Dentec is offering a wide range of winter traction devices through its ICETRED range.

In winter and in cold weather, slips, trips and falls are a huge hazard for workers. It is important to invest in traction devices which help safeguard employees’ health and safety.

Dentec offers a range of solutions for ice and snow, including:

  • Traction spikes made of tungsten carbide (which is ten times stronger than rolled steel)
  • Mid-sole traction devices (MSTDs) available in various thicknesses and with adaptable straps
  • Heel traction devices (HTDs)
  • Full sole traction devices (FSTDs)

These can be used in various industries including railway maintenance, police and fire departments, emergency medical technicians, delivery drivers, ice arena staff, truck drivers and snow removal companies.

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