New orthotics with adjustable arch lifting technology help prevent workplace injuries

Alliance Design & Development Group (ADDG) introduces SelectFlex, the arch control insole with selectable support levels designed to improve lower extremity health for industrial workers

New orthotics with adjustable arch lifting technology help prevent workplace injuries

Culminating several years of research and development, Alliance Design & Development Group (ADDG) has pioneered the first orthotics with adjustable arch technology. ADDG specifically engineered SelectFlex insoles to help prevent the many ailments that often afflict those who work on their feet all day, particularly in industrial fields like manufacturing and assembly, energy and utilities, health services, construction, transportation and material moving and defense.

Barry Renow, CEO of ADDG said, “Foot issues and disorders are pervasive among three quarters of Americans across all demographics. As a technology company, we are committed to developing a treatment that was not only more effective, but could be personalized and was easily accessible by everyone.”

Data indicates 70-80 per cent of people are susceptible to foot overpronation, which is caused when the ankle rolls excessively inward, or the arch collapses excessively downward as with flat feet, whether when standing, walking or running. Overpronation disrupts the body’s natural alignment and causes greater foot strike impact, which raises the risk for injuries that can range from mild to severe, such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome on outer knees, foot or lower leg stress fractures, neuropathy, bunions, heel spurs, chronic lower back pain, and more.   

Traditionally, patients seek treatment from a podiatrist, orthopedic surgeon, or physical therapist and, at minimum, might purchase custom-made orthotics, which can cost anywhere from $300 to $600. For a fraction of the cost, SelectFlex adjustable arch insoles offer a universal solution that helps prevent injuries caused by overpronation and poor alignment, as well as problems related to high arches, hammer toes, arthritic or diabetic side effects, and other lower extremity issues.

Simply by turning the unique PowerController key to one of three arch support levels, SelectFlex orthotics dynamically lift the foot into kinetic alignment with the body and correct abnormal pronation. The insoles biomechanically conform to each individual’s arch geometry within three selectable stiffness level/arch height support options available on demand. Unlike traditional static orthotic inserts, SelectFlex gives the wearer the power to choose the level of support that’s right for them, from medium firm, to firm or X-firm, and can change settings for each foot or for different types of activities.

SelectFlex was developed by applying the Cantilever Principle to dynamically support the human biped anatomy, where body mass should be distributed evenly along the length of the spinal column. The PowerLift Arch suspension system and PowerBeam arch lifting technology replicates the spring ligaments of the arch to absorb impact, mitigate downward compressive forces on feet and knees, and release energy back to the body with each step in the gait cycle.  In a new motion analysis study performed by Quinnipiac, results showed that the SelectFlex PowerLift Arch provided up to 52 per cent increased arch height support and deformation control at each of the three settings.

George Johnson, ergonomic advisor for ADDG said, “Ultimately, every company wants their employees to be comfortable, healthy and happy so they will be more productive. SelectFlex was designed with that purpose in mind.”

In addition to the PowerController, PowerBeam, and PowerLift Arch, SelectFlex orthotics also feature the PowerCup and the PowerBed. The SelectFlex PowerCup cradles the heel in a soft Durometer cushion that absorbs foot strike impact, dissipates walking pressures, and provides up to 50 per cent more ankle stability. The SelectFlex PowerBed adds three extra layers of cushion with a medical grade ergonomic shell and composite memory foam foot pad, wrapped in an antimicrobial, deodorizing, moisture wicking, low friction fabric cover. SelectFlex orthotics work with most types of footwear, from work and athletic shoes, to slip resistant shoes and steel-toed safety boots. They’re built to last six months to a year or longer with normal usage but, even at a minimum of four months, they last 88 per cent longer than over-the-counter gel and foam insoles.

With proper arch support and body alignment, it’s easy to understand the benefits SelectFlex offers the workforce population with more pain relief, injury prevention and energy restoration. This also translates to much wider-scale rewards for health and safety professionals, human factors and ergonomic leaders, occupational therapists, industrial engineers, and risk managers, as well as the companies they represent, in the form of decreased worker’s comp claims, reduced insurance premiums, lower numbers of missed work days, and higher productivity levels overall.