Dräger X-site Live

X-site Live is an area monitoring kit for gas and radiation hazard monitoring

Dräger X-site Live
X-site Live can be used across a number of industries.

Dräger, an international company in the fields of medical and safety technology, announced the release of the Dräger X-site Live, an area monitoring kit for gas and radiation hazard monitoring.

The X-site Live offers both gas and radiation detection, as well as FirstNet integration, a nationwide wireless broadband network that provides priority and pre-emption for first responders and those who support them.

“We worked in close collaboration with our customers to develop the X-site Live area monitoring solution,” said John Wilson, Dräger’s senior vice president of sales and marketing for safety solutions in North America. “With their feedback, and Dräger’s 70-plus years of experience in developing gas detection devices, we’re proud to release a product that will help to safeguard first responders and those who are putting themselves potentially in harm’s way to protect the public and their safety in critical situations.”

X-site Live Features and Benefits

The Dräger X-site Live comes integrated with a number of practical features and smart benefits including:

  • FirstNet network interface for reliable public safety communications
  • Smart gateway for Wi-Fi and cellular communication in the cloud
  • A removable X-am 8000, for personal gas monitoring detection that displays up to seven gases at one time
  • Live readings that can be sent back to a central monitoring station
  • Radiation detection that can also be removed for personal use
  • Easy configurability allowing the kit to be up and running in minutes

The multiple benefits and uses of the X-site Live provide applications across multiple areas, including fire services, venue protection, hazardous response and others.