ION Science Cub 11.7

New addition to ION’s range of gas and leak detection products

ION Science Cub 11.7
The device includes resistance to humidity and moisture.

The Cub 11.7 eV personal device is the latest addition to ION Science’s range of gas and leak detection products.

The 11.7 eV sensor lamp is a difficult lamp to manufacture. Due to its highly sensitive nature, 11.7 eV devices in the past have been temperamental, require frequent lamp changes and ultimately end up with increased environmental exposure, affecting performance of the device. ION Science has tackled this issue and developed a manufacturing method that eliminates some of the sensitivities and issues previously associated with 11.7 eV detection.

As the first 11.7 personal detection solution from ION Science, the Cub 11.7 includes resistance to humidity and moisture, operational in temperatures from 0-55 degrees, and intrinsically safe even in explosive environments.

The Cub range of personal detectors has the ability to be locked as a device and extensive data logging capabilities. For workers who may be moving between areas or facilities regularly, locking the device means it is possible to only record exposure in specific areas. This keeps data clean and uninterrupted so that a true picture can be understood before corrective action is taken.

The Cub 11.7 continuously logs data in real-time to get a clear view of how much exposure a worker is subject to. This kind of data recording provides beneficial insight to help address issues with processes and reduces the risk of exposure. Data is downloaded via a USB docking station and uploaded using a piece of bespoke PC software, which creates clear visuals like graphs for measuring VOC exposure.