AlphaTec Glove Connector

The Ansell AlphaTec Glove Connector provides chemical protection for workers...

AlphaTec Glove Connector

The Ansell AlphaTec Glove Connector provides chemical protection for workers via a simple device designed to attach chemical gloves to coveralls, providing a complete chemical protection solution. The ribbed cone and collar combination allows secure attachment and creates a liquid-tight seal between the glove and cuff to ensure chemicals do not penetrate the skin. Currently, many workers are using tape instead of a connector — an inefficient and unreliable practice.

“Workers often resort to taping their glove and cuff together to avoid chemical permeation, which may initially seem like a quick and easy fix,” said Marina Atme, chemical clothing portfolio manager at Ansell. “Not only is taping inconsistent, it causes issues and waste at the end of a workday. Removing tape destroys the top layer of the suit and glove, requiring disposal of both items. With the glove connector, both pieces of PPE (personal protective equipment) can be reused if no chemical exposure occurred.”

The glove connector is also fully reusable after chemical exposure, providing it has been suitably decontaminated.

“This product provides a lower cost of ownership and eliminates waste and good manufacturing practice concerns in critical environments,” said Atme. “It was developed to offer a convenient, efficient solution for workers and safety managers, providing a reliable alternative to taping.”

This product works with a wide variety of chemical glove thicknesses and suit combinations, and attaches quickly and easily, providing a faster, more comfortable option for workers exposed to chemicals each day.

“Workers can more quickly tackle the job at hand and can move comfortably between tasks without worrying about jeopardizing PPE performance or their safety,” said Atme.

Tested in accordance with ISO 17491-3:2008, the glove connector is designed for workers in chemical, life sciences, oil and gas, military, mining, food and agriculture. The glove connector provides protection in applications commonly exposed to chemicals, such as chemical handling, clean-down operations, industrial tank cleaning, paint spraying and hazardous waste remediation.

This writeup originally appeared in the October/November 2018 issue of COS.