Aquila NR3006 nylon gloves

Palm coated with flat nitrile – an alternative to disposables for non-medical situations

Aquila NR3006 nylon gloves
New glove solution reduces need for disposable gloves.

Aquila offers the benefits of low-cost hand protection in their NR3006 nylon gloves with nitrile coated palms, which may be frequently cleaned in use, and laundered between uses. They provide a robust and comfortable, longer life alternative to disposable gloves for many general non-medical situations. Their lightweight] nylon liner allows the hand to breathe and reduces fatigue while the flexible nitrile palms enable good grip and dexterity with chemical and abrasion resistance for a wide range of handling and personal interaction tasks.

Wearing gloves means no hand touching to reduce infection risks and reduced personal skin problems from frequent hand washing, plus the breathable qualities of the coating make them more comfortable than completely sealed disposables such as nitrile, vinyl or latex gloves. NR3006 gloves offer flexibility, with puncture and tear resistance in a lightweight glove which is comfortable to wear for extended periods and permits sufficient sensitivity to serve in many cases as a cost and environment saving alternative to using many pairs of disposables.

The Aquila range of coated gloves includes different dips and finishes – such as latex, nitrile, sand – by dipping the whole glove or just the fingers and palm to achieve a balance between grip, protection, dexterity and all-day comfort.