GraphEx gloves

SW has announced that it now offers “never-before seen protection, coupled with...

GraphEx gloves

SW has announced that it now offers “never-before seen protection, coupled with exceptional dexterity,” in a cut resistant glove.

Designed for use in high risk industrial applications, the sophisticated GraphEx offers ANSI A4 and A6 level protection, while providing better comfort, tactility and durability, lasting up to twice as long as other cut-resistant gloves on the market.

GraphEx gloves, the company’s first cut-resistant product, are made using SW’s proprietary AxiFybr yarn, which is 200 times stronger than steel, harder than a diamond and just 1 atom thick, the manufacturer says.  

“After launching several innovations in the single-use glove market, bringing these types of successes to cut resistance gloves just felt right,” said Belle Chou, president of SW. “By leveraging our current performance technologies, we’re able to provide a reusable product that raises the bar in flexibility, longevity and protection.”

GraphEx gloves do not use fiberglass or silicone, which are typical reinforcement agents in cut resistant gloves that contribute to poor long-term use and reduced worker efficiency.  The elimination of these materials reduces the chance for contaminants, which often require costly rework and hinder production, SW said.

In addition to improving wearer comfort, the gloves also increase worker performance by adding a touchscreen-compatible nitrile coating. This enhanced nitrile formulation also improves abrasion resistance by up to double compared to other coated gloves, reducing replacement costs by nearly 50 per cent, according to SW.

Three GraphEx glove types are available: cut level A4 with abrasion level 5; cut level A4 with abrasion level 6; cut level A6 with abrasion level 6.