Midas Safety has new Metal Detectable Nitrile glove

Glove meant for the food processing market

Midas Safety has new Metal Detectable Nitrile glove

According to a study by the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) in the US, one product recall costs companies an average of $10 Million in direct costs alone, with additional brand damage and loss of sales.  One of the chief issues in food contamination is discarded or damaged PPE becoming incorporated into the production line.

The new Metal Detectable Nitrile glove from Midas Safety offers a solution which provides food manufacturers, as well as cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers, the confidence that contamination from a glove fragment can be intercepted at the source.

The new glove is easily detectable by the metal detectors commonly used in the food industry, it reduces the risk of allergic reaction and provides wearers’ hands with protection from liquids, whilst featuring finger surface texture for improved grip.

The Metal Detectable Nitrile glove is EN 1935/2004 and FDA CFR 21 compliant, suitable for handling all kinds of foodstuffs for a short period of time.  It has a detection sensitivity of 1 sq. cm or more with an electromagnetic frequency of 50 KHz to 1 MHz. 

In the case of torn glove fragments entering the food production line, wearing metal detectable gloves can potentially save the costs of a product recall and prevent harm to the consumer and brand reputation.