GrittyFOAM Deb Grouppie3dian3s heavy-duty industrial hand-cleansing foam, GrittyFOAM, delivers the...

GrittyFOAM Deb Group's heavy-duty industrial hand-cleansing foam, GrittyFOAM, delivers the performance and effectiveness of traditional heavy-duty hand cleansers in a user-preferred foam format to gently remove tough soils while making hands feel great.

This unique product, delivered through Deb’s proprietary dispensing system, comes in response to market demand for a powerful cleaner that is gentler on hands to help address the challenge of reducing the potential for occupational dermatitis in the industrial sector, says the manufacturer.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10 per cent to 15 per cent of all occupational illness is caused by skin disease.

Specific benefits of GrittyFOAM include:

•Improved compliance, effectiveness and safety: Cleans and rinses quickly, leaving hands dirt-free and sanitary without the potential irritation that can be caused by some traditional aggressive heavy-duty hand cleaners.

•Enhanced sustainability: With eco-accreditation and USDA Bio-Preferred status, GrittyFOAM is formulated with renewable resources and only essential ingredients.

Greater cost-effectiveness: The power of foam means less product, less water and less energy must be used to get hands clean.