STUDSON introduces welding and face shields for full-brim safety helmet

Clear, Arc-Flash Tint, and Shade 5 Green Tint options available

STUDSON introduces welding and face shields for full-brim safety helmet

STUDSON has launched three new face shields for the SHK-1 Full Brim Safety Helmet: the Arc Flash Tint Welding Shield, the Clear Shield, and the Shade 5 Green Tint Shield. Developed with Paulson Manufacturing, these shields integrate with the STUDSON full brim ANSI Z89.1 Type II safety helmet, removing the need for custom fitting or switching PPE.

STUDSON’s new face shields are designed to address common issues such as neck strain and bulkiness. The ergonomic design features a weight-compensating slotted cap bracket for better balance and comfort.

  • Arc Flash Tint Welding Shield: With an ATPV rating of 12 cal/cm², this shield provides strong protection against arc flash hazards. The HT™ nanoparticle lens enhances clarity and durability.
  • Clear Face Shield: Suitable for high-temperature and high-impact environments, this shield offers clear visibility and robust protection.
  • Shade 5 Green Tint Shield: Ideal for gas welding and cutting, this shield protects against harmful radiation while maintaining clear visibility.

All three shields feature the LeverLock® attachment system for easy replacement, toric-shaped lenses for a wide field of vision, and permanent anti-fog and anti-abrasion coatings for long-lasting clarity and reduced maintenance.