Savox Communications introduces NC-520XP

Hearing protection headsets are latest addition to Noise-Com 500 Series

Savox Communications introduces NC-520XP

Savox Communications, a globally recognized provider of mission-critical hearing protection and communication solutions, has introduced the Savox NC-520XP hearing protection headsets as the latest addition to its Noise-Com (NC) 500 series.

In environments where hearing protection is vital without compromising situational awareness and effective communication, the Savox NC-500 series provides acoustic protection and reliable communication solutions. The NC-520XP expands this product line with features catering to a wide array of work settings, offering an optimal solution for professionals facing challenging tasks.

Key features of the Savox NC-520XP hearing protection headsets include the integration of Savox Dual Bluetooth, enabling simultaneous connection to two Bluetooth devices (typically a radio and a mobile phone) for hands-free communication. The noise-cancelling Push-to-Talk (PTT) boom microphone ensures clear speech even in noisy environments. User-friendly controls for ambient sound volume and incoming communication, along with a durable rechargeable power unit, enhance on-site safety.

Notable benefits of the Savox NC-520XP hearing protection headsets include dual Bluetooth connectivity, ambient sound awareness, personalized audio profiles, convenient PTT control, a rechargeable battery, robust electronic protection, user-friendly navigation, compatibility with two-way radios, noise-canceling microphone, low battery warning, and automatic switch-off.