VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution

New Honeywell solution combines cloud-based software, connected headsets

VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution

Honeywell has announced a new smart hearing solution that combines cloudbased software and connected headsets to monitor sound in real time and analyze patterns to help companies protect workers from noise-induced hearing loss.

The VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution comprises a protective headset that reduces background noises to safe levels, allowing workers to communicate more clearly and easily. The headset continuously collects and transmits noise-related data to Honeywell Safety Suite, a cloud-based service that automates and streamlines the collection and reporting of safety data. Supervisors and workers can monitor and view noise exposure data — including noise peaks, patterns and unusual occurrences — on their smartphone or mobile computer using the Honeywell VeriShield app.

“The VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution can motivate workers to take part in preserving their hearing because they can ‘see’ the hidden hazard,” said Graham Robinson, president of Honeywell Industrial Safety. “In addition, safety managers will be armed with information that gives them a clear understanding of the challenges they face before designing a hearing conservation program and issuing hearing protection.”

Honeywell’s software allows a safety manager to remotely monitor noise levels and worker exposure across multiple teams. The software also provides new insights into noise exposure, enabling managers to view and log noise levels and patterns on a visual dashboard. Honeywell notes the software can automatically generate records that help companies meet compliance regulations and reduce timely administrative procedures.

Additional protections include visual and audible alerts that notify workers when they are nearing or surpassing their daily dose limits. The headset also includes fit testing that will notify the user or safety manager if the device is not properly fitted or worn correctly.