Signalling technology for crane hoist applications

Pfannenberg offers audio and video signal technology

Signalling technology for crane hoist applications

In environments where crane hoists are in operation, ensuring safety is paramount. Audible and visible signals play a crucial role in reducing the risk of accidents, asserts Jacob Vernon, Signaling Specialist at Pfannenberg.

The combination of audible and visual signals provides clear indications of moving loads, allowing workers to take necessary precautions. Dual sounder and strobe combination signaling devices are recommended, offering immense benefits without added cost. These devices not only warn of impending danger but also alert operators of specific conditions that could cause downtime.

Choosing the correct audible signal involves considering factors such as machinery noise output and selecting a decibel level appropriate for the application. Similarly, visible signals must be installed in the direction of the load to effectively reach workers.

For extreme environments, specialized signaling equipment like Pfannenberg's PATROL and PYRA series devices are designed to withstand high and low temperatures, ensuring safety even in harsh conditions.

Implementing proper signaling technology not only mitigates risks to personnel but also enhances throughput by reducing crane downtime, ultimately safeguarding both workers and the bottom line.