3M Consumer Home Cleanliness Test Kit

Partnership between Scotch-Brite and Phylagen

3M Consumer Home Cleanliness Test Kit

3M recently announced some interesting news for those working from home:

Scotch-Brite Brand and Phylagen, a San Francisco-based biotech company, have introduced the Scotch-Brite Clean Scan, an innovative consumer home cleaning efficacy test. Clean Scan checks for microbial levels in the common areas of the home (kitchen and bathroom), providing lab-analyzed and personalized reports to help people better understand the cleanliness of their homes. 

Clean Scan provides a view of what is on the surfaces in our home and confirms we're cleaning effectively to remove harmful bacteria and viruses like the flu from our homes.

By sampling bathroom and kitchen surfaces with Scotch-Brite Clean Scan swabs before and after cleaning, users will receive indicators about the cleanliness of their home and the effectiveness of their cleaning routine.  The Clean Scan lab will analyze the swab samples to measure the presence and levels of several microbes. Customers will receive their results within three days after the lab receives the kit.

Scotch-Brite Clean Scan tests for select microbial levels in the common areas of homes (kitchen and bathroom), including:

  • Total Bacterial Quantity (used to assess overall bacterial removal before and after cleaning)
  • Aspergillus Quantity (common mold)
  • Listeria (foodborne pathogen)
  • Dermatophytic Fungi (class of microbes known to cause skin and nail infections in humans and animals)
  • CrAssphage (a virus that infects bacteria in the human gut and can indicate fecal contamination)
  • SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
  • Influenza A/B (flu)