Rockford Sensing-Saf-Start

Protects machine operators from accidental re-starts following power interruptions

Rockford Sensing-Saf-Start

In the event of a power interruption, the Rockford Systems Sensing-Saf-Start automatically disconnects power to the machine so that when power is restored the machine will not restart. It is only after the reset button has been safely pressed by the machine operator on the Sensing-Saf-Start that the machine can be restarted and normal operation resumed. 

Designed for retrofits, the Sensing-Saf-Start helps to bring older machines into alignment with current safety regulations and standards. It can also replacing old, frayed or ungrounded power cords. The Sensing-Saf-Start can be installed on many different types of machines that are driven by small motors operating on 120V AC, and are connected to a power source by means of 14-gauge, 3-wire flexible cord.

The Rockford Systems Sensing-Saf-Start can be purchased as a package (SAFS-200) that includes a 20" cord for the machine end and an 8' cord with molded plug on the power end, plus an E-stop in a NEMA-4 polycarbonate enclosure, or can be purchased individually (SAFS-100) without the E-Stop.

The Sensing-Saf-Start complies with OSHA requirements, the Canadian Electrical Code, and NFPA 79 and ANSI B11 series electrical standards.