BCCA introducing new app

Aims to help construction workers recognize the difference between "Cool or Tool" behaviour

BCCA introducing new app

As part of its ongoing efforts to address bullying, hazing, and harassment on British Columbia’s construction worksites, the BC Construction Association (BCCA) has launched a new Builders Code Crew Training App that uses animation and humour to help construction workers recognize the difference between “Cool or Tool” behaviour on the worksite.

The app shows animated construction tools in workplace scenarios that depict either model behaviour or actions that compromise safety and productivity. Workers are asked to identify the type of behaviour or actions in the scenario and are then provided with the correct response and a message that reinforces the appropriate action and its benefits.

Among the worksite issues the app tackles are hazing, gender bias, abusive language, exclusion, non-consensual touching and patronizing behaviour. The app’s 20 scenarios also highlight various examples of positive behaviour. The app is being tested with skilled tradespeople, with a full launch expected early this year.

“With this new Crew Training App, we now have Builders Code resources to specifically help everyone in the construction sector set a baseline code of conduct for BC construction worksites. That includes everyone from the company owners, executives, HR managers and union business managers in the office, to the supervisors, forepersons, tradespeople and apprentices on the worksite,” said Chris Atchison, President, BCCA.

“Based on the excellent response we’ve had to the Builders Code policies, training and other tools, it’s clear that the construction sector is ready for a culture shift and that people within the sector understand how improving the worksite culture will help us attract more people to great careers in construction.”