breathesimple free breath training for COVID-19 sufferers

As COVID-19 expands globally, demands for long-term rehab support have emerged

breathesimple free breath training for COVID-19 sufferers
App may offer relief for those still suffering from post-infection issues.

Johns Hopkins University's Doctor Peiting Lien believes that recovering lost lung function is possible but can require therapy and exercises for months after the infection is treated. She said: “Working toward recovery starts simple: with a focus on breathing.” Lien offers a series of breathing exercises to aid in recovery for those who had COVID-19. But, sadly, treatment is unavailable for a majority because of shortages of locally available resources.

Now, the first 1,000 COVID-19 sufferers needing to improve lung function in each country can get a free subscription by downloading the breathesimple app from the Appstore and selecting COVID-19. While not totally replacing access to a personal therapist, the app claims to improves diaphragm activity leading to enhanced breathing efficiency. The training also improves breathing control and anxiety relief.

Dr. Rosalba Courtney, a leading researcher and breathing clinician in Sydney, states, “I have spent over twenty years improving life quality for hundreds of poor breathers. But there is a limit to the number I can help in my clinic. With the breathesimple breath training application, thousands, even millions of sufferers can potentially get benefit in the comfort of their own home.”

Multiple clinical trials show poor breathing can be improved undertaking individually tailored exercises daily for several weeks. Breathesimple offers interactive, personalized and clinically-proven breath training via a smartphone. The app monitors and guides exercises using the phone's camera to alleviate anxiety, apnea, and other breathing problems; no other device is needed.